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 FatFlame test results

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PostSubject: FatFlame test results   Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:24 am

Match Duel: Chaos Agents vs. Sun and Moon

Match: 0/10 points

Match Deck Construction: 10/20 points
Match Performance: 20/25 points

Notes on Performance and Deck:

45 card Sun and Moon Dragon Deck. You are running some cards that don't really need to be in the deck. Gale Dogra is useless to the deck, because any monster it sends from your extra deck to the
graveyard cannot be returned to play. All synchro monsters must first be synchro
summoned correctly in order to be a proper graveyard target. Lightning Vortex
does too much damage to your hand. No one uses this card, except for players
that can get a plus off of it, or at least break even. An example is a deck
using white stone of legend. They discard the white stone for Vortex, then
add a blue eyes to their hand, maintaining their hand advantage. Swords of
Revealing Light are not a good card in competitive play because of monster
effects and the fact that Space Typhoon is at 3. Dark Bribe is bad in most
decks because it gives the opponent +1 in their hand. This can lead to
stronger plays against you. Battle Fader was randomly in there; Consider
running 2-3 of him, and maybe Swift Scarecrow. They would really help your
deck out with defense. I also suggest Dark Hole and Monster Reborn, they
can give you a direct advantage, especially for synchro summons. Creature
Swap is also a must in any deck that uses Giant Rat, Shining Angel, or
any monster of the same kind, as you can give it to your opponent, taking
their stronger monster, and use it to destroy the Angel or Rat. Since it's
going to your grave, you get a monster from your deck. Rat searches supay,
Angel searches Oracle of the Sun. It's a simple combo, really. Run 3 if you can.
Don't exceed 40 cards, if you are running more, consider which cards aren't helping
you every game, to get out those dragons as fast as possible.

Match Notes:

First duel, you played to the best of your ability with no misplays, just lightning vortex
being in the deck instead of something more useful.

For the second duel, you sided out your Dark Bribes in favor of 2 Mirror Force. Turn 5 attacking with Giant Rat first when you have
Mole on board was a costly mistake. Always be wary of a face down monster, it could be Ryko or Snowman Eater, and would disrupt your plays. always attack the unknown with Mole if you can. Summoning a weak Gale Dogra with no way to use it turn 7. Turn 16, you should have not summoned with Giant Rat's effect. You had 100 lp left. A 1600 attack monster was staring you down and you could summon a 1500 monster at the most. Would have made more sense to hide behind your Shining Angel, use it to get your Oracle of the Sun, it was a better defense.

Single Duel: Banish Keepers vs. Quazar Laval OTK

Single Duel: 0/5 Points

Single Deck Construction: 0/20
Single Performance: 0/15

Notes on Performance and Deck:

Duel invalidated due to use of not only an OTK deck, but of cards banned from use by Konami (Sangan)

Overall Attitude: 2/2 Points
Different Decks: 5/5 Points

Grand Total: 37/100

Other Notes:

It's clear to me from our match and single duel that you don't fully understand the deck's combos. You have the right cards, just some bad habits that
new players pick up, as well as the inexperience needed to make the most out of
the right cards. I hope you take my advice on deck building and tactics seriously,
as you will need to know this to play on a competitive level, should you choose to do so.

You will be assigned to Slifer Red. Work on your decks, and pay more attention to detail.
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PostSubject: Re: FatFlame test results   Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:49 am

Tester awarded Dorm Assigned & Thread Locked
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FatFlame test results
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