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 B.I.G. test results

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PostSubject: B.I.G. test results   Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:14 am


Match Duel: Chaos Agents vs. Blackwings

Match: 12/15 points

Match Deck Construction: 20/20 points
Match Performance: 20/25 points

Notes on Performance and Deck:

game 1: Unicorn Beacon is an interesting tech in Blackwings. I think it's definitely worth running. I'd go -1 Silverwind and put in Abyss Dweller, Lavalval Chain, or Daigusto Emeral. Silverwind is summonable in the deck, but doesn't do much to any of the meta.

turn 3 should have icarus'd my Tour Guide/Bus.

turn 6 There was no reason to use Sirocco's effect. Dangerous idea to use vs Agents
because they main Veilers. Ended up wasting a potential attack.

game 2: Sided in a single Soul Release and 2 Trago.Unfortunately, Soul Release saw no play, but the 2 Trago did. All in all, good side options for this matchup.

turn 3 over-extended even after seeing the maxx "C" play

game 3: no misplays. well-fought win.

Single Duel: Chain Energy vs. Mermail Atlanteans
Single Duel:5/5 Points

Single Deck Construction 20/20
Single Performance: 15/15

Notes on Performance and Deck:

single: no noteable misplays, deck is well-built.

Overall Attitude: 2/2 Points
Different Decks: 5/5 Points

Grand Total: 99/100

Other Notes: N/A

You will be assigned to Horahkty Gold. Congratulations.
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PostSubject: Re: B.I.G. test results   Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:20 am

thnx alot for the test i hope you be the next to follow me there.

dorm assigned and thread locked.
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B.I.G. test results
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