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 cagethedarkmaster test results

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PostSubject: cagethedarkmaster test results    Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:14 am

match replays : ?1v46r7v4z3vnjpp
single replay : ?neclpj2f0ffduc5

match duel: Blackwing VS Mermail x-o-x

duel : 7/15

performance : ( 16/25 )

duel 1 : targeting "atlantean marksman" for the eff of "mermail abysspike" while you had "moulinglacia" and 9 waters in grave was very odd ( round 3 ). summoning "armor kappa" was a wrong choice since you was able to use "gachi gachi" and go with "marksman" on one of my monsters ( round 4 ).

duel 2 : nothing to report GG

duel 3 : your miss click gave me the duel

deck construction : ( 12/20 )

41 cards is not needed you was able to throw out a card. as a start i might say that 3 spheres with 2 lindes is kinda weird combo. i recommend the use of double "heavy infantry" rather than just 1 copy. you was able to sub out gorz and undine for more helpful cards since you can't use megalo. you should think for 1 more card in your extra. i hope you consider this notes.

single duel : Frog Lancer VS Prophecy

duel : 5/5

performance: ( 14/15 )

you was able to finish on round 4 but playing gachi on defense just hold your win 1 more turn
deck construction : ( 17/20 )
mother grizzly is not needed in your deck.
3 D.E.S craoking is alot i would recommend just 1 copy or 2 at max to leave the space for some better cards.

Attitude: 2/2
Different Decks: 5/5

total : 73/100
i really had fun dueling you and i hope you consider the notes i gave you on the first deck.

you will be assigned to RA yellow.
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PostSubject: Re: cagethedarkmaster test results    Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:29 am

Misplays all over the place. For deck 1; I will see how I can fit infantry #2 in my deck, as for the bubble combo, I am thinking of taking one out altogether, making the deck 40. The side and extra decks were missing a card because it's coded differently in launcher than in pro, so the card was removed from my extra and side deck when I transferred decks. I fixed that, but it didn't save properly. The original build ran tidal in the side and drago sack in the extra, and my edits to that were TKR in the side and another Leviathan dragon in the extra instead, to keep the decks TCG.

Deck 2 is another story. D.E.S. Croaking is a must at 3 in this deck because of how much the deck is able to meet it's conditions. The inferno reckless summon combo allows me to instantly use D.E.S. Croaking, and even if that doesn't happen, I can always summon 3 ronintoadin or 2 ronin and a dupe frog, to do the same thing. Mother Grizzly is in the deck because she's searchable by salvage, and can summon ANY monster directly from my deck, including my sea lancer, without tributes. This makes her an amazing option in the deck. Other than that, I don't remember the gachi play, but I rarely ever play him in attack mode just in case of battle faders. Your spellbook deck could easily have mained that card, so it made sense to me to take a more cautious approach.
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PostSubject: Re: cagethedarkmaster test results    Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:33 am

Dorm Awarded And Locked
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PostSubject: Re: cagethedarkmaster test results    

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cagethedarkmaster test results
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