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 CMA Main Shop

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PostSubject: CMA Main Shop   Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:42 pm

CMA Main Shop

Please Note: If you try to buy an item with insufficient funds then a verbal warning will be given to you. Also you may ask another member to donate some DP but that member MUST confirm that he/she is paying you.

Name Change: 400 DP
You want your name changed well then post here if you have enough and it will be done for you.

Tournament Host: 600 DP
You want to host a tournament then PM me a brief of your tournament and buy this item to host a tournament of your choice.

Dorm Retest: 300 DP
You feel that you should be in a different dorm then buy this item and ask a tester to test you.

When you buying an item please follow this format:

Sponsor(If necessary):
New Name(If necessary):
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CMA Main Shop
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