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 Cage's Dark Sanctuary

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PostSubject: Cage's Dark Sanctuary   Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:25 am

Stepping in, I notice immediately the lack of pet smell in this new dorm. I breathe in deep, and get to unpacking. Popping a nail in the wall with my hand drill, I mount my television and plug the bad boy in. There are only 2 available sockets in the area, but no problems, I brought my own breaker. Making sure to stagger my equipment between the 8 slots available, I set up my wii, tv, and my external hard drive, plugging it into the wii. There's that done. The bed is nice, a queen size as I'm accustomed to; as well as a seperate room so I can bring my family in. My kids will be staying in the seperate room, and wife and I in the master bedroom. I'll leave the decorum to the wife, and just put in the things I deem most necessary for everyday living. I head to the kitchen, where I lay out my cutlery block. I start washing the cutlery set, then take time afterwards to polish the pearl handles, and insert my dry 12 piece set into it's block. A proper knife for every occasion, I always say. Afterwards, I call the wife to let her know the dorm room is ready, and to make sure the children get a lot of outside time so they are quiet when indoors, so as not to disturb our neighbors. Next it's off to meet and greet the rest of the Ra Yellow folks I'd already met long ago, when I first arrived at the academy. Aah, a dorm that feels like home. It's good to be back home, even if only for a short time until this forum launches.
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Cage's Dark Sanctuary
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